Welcome to the Home of Kelkar and Associates, Inc.

Kelkar and Associates, Inc., was formed in Dec. 1993 to provide services to clients in the area of optimization of reservoir performance by identifying remaining hydrocarbons in reservoirs and maximizing the recovery of both oil and gas from the formation.

We provides the latest cutting edge technology in reservoir modeling and simulation which has been proven in oil and gas fields. By applying these techniques, the reservoir’s performance can be optimized in a cost-effective manner.

What is unique about us –

  • State-of-the-art technology applications
  • Cost effective solutions to reservoir modeling and assessment problems
  • Effective technology transfer by working closely with the client
  • Customization of solutions through customized software solutions
  • Prompt and time-dependent services


We have been actively working as consultants for world-wide clients in building Field Development Plan (FDP) based on the integrated geophysical, geological, petrophysical and engineering approach. We have the necessary expertise to interpret and integrate multi-disciplinary data/information in building reservoir models to predict future performance with uncertainties.

We have worked with large and small oil/gas companies for different geological conditions (carbonate and clastic reservoirs; fractured and non-fractured reservoirs; faulted and non-faulted reservoirs; Conventional and Non-Conventional Reservoirs; High Pressure and High Temperature Reservoirs).

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Kelkar and Associates, Inc., has been playing an active role in the latest research development of reservoir modeling and implemented them into commercial software in the form of Petrel Plug-ins.

The company has released two series of Plug-ins under the name of CONNECT and LINK Series. Up to date, four CONNECT plug-ins have been released, namely CONNECT-UpGrid (2008), CONNECT-TransMod (2008), CONNECT-DynaRank (2012) and CONNECT-PermMatch (2016). Meanwhile, another four plug-ins have also been released for the LINK-series, namely, LINK-WellOpt (2016), LINK-Unconventional (2017), LINK-AutoGrid (2017) and LINK-AutoGridPlus (2017).






We provide typical 5-days  industrial course for the following topics:

  1. Integrated Reservoir Modeling
  2. Applied Geostatistics for Reservoir Description
  3. Efficient Transformation of Static to Dynamic Model
  4. Applied Reservoir Engineering Analysis
  5. Gas Production Engineering
  6. Gas Reservoir Engineering
  7. Nodal Analysis
  8. Unconventional Reservoir Analysis
  9. Petroleum Economic
  10. Uncertainty Analysis